About Chef

Ramaprasad is a senior vegetarian chef who governed the Indian food business for the past 2 decades with a motto of serving customers in India and Tampa Bay, U.S.A for 12 and 8 years respectively exemplifying his culinary art in South and North Indian dishes, specializing in various kinds of Dosas. He is humbly proud and grateful to have brought his dream to reality by kick starting ‘DosaHut’ to serve the people of Tampa Bay with appetizing, mouth-watering vegetarian food with lip-smacking Indian recipes at reasonable prices. His motto besides doing his business is to get a feel of genuine service embedded with Desi savor.


Our History

Dosa, a kind of breakfast pancake has been known in India around 1st century AD. Its basic ingredients being rice and lentils, it contains proteins and carbohydrates with no sugar or saturated fats and above all, it is gluten-free. The fermentation process increases the vitamin B and vitamin C content. This nutritional value paved way to the emergence of DosaHut by Mr. Ramaprasad. DosaHut is a blend of South and North Indian dishes and takes pride in offering the best authentic and genuine Indian cuisine in Tampa Bay. No wonder, DosaHut has gained customers’ trust who named it as one of the best Indian restaurants in Tampa with traditional vegetarian Indian buffet surrounding the venue with the oozing hot aroma of the curry.